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Audio Tape or Compact Disk Interviews

  1. Virginia Porter Kirk and her husband Elmer, 1999.
  2. J.K. Southerland by his daughter Carolyn, 1981.
  3. Dr. Robert A. Craig, 1999, growing up in Batesville, WWII, social life.
  4. Mildred Groves memories of the 1940s, 1999.
  5. Willene Osborne Harper, 1999, about African-American life during the 1940s.
  6. Opal Hugg, 1999, featuring life in 1940s.
  7. Billie Jett, 1999, focusing on religions and churches, women's roles, Churchill genealogy.
  8. Judy Hartwick Johnson in Concord, 1999.
  9. Lucille Pearson Johnston, 1999.
  10. Earlene McMullin, 1999, focusing on 1940s entertainment and war.
  11. Marvin Moore, 1999, about his life and work as superintendent of Southside Schools.
  12. Jaydine Morton, 1999, life in the 1940s.
  13. Floyd Rikard at Spring River Baptist Church, life in 1940s.
  14. Avondale and Eugene Street, 1999, their lives and WWII.
  15. Howard Tripp at White River Supply, 1999, life and WWII, Great Depression.
  16. Laura Imogene Carter Wilkins, 1999, about her life on a farm near Sulphur Rock and marriage to Neil Wilkins.
  17. Blake Johnson (age 14) about White River Water Carnival.
  18. Elmer Kirk, 1999, about White River Water Carnival.
  19. Theodora Hightower, 1999, about White River Water Carnival.
  20. Dr. Wesley Ketz, 2001, about White River Carnival and his life, heritage, WWI, medical practice in Batesville.
  21. Dewey Rowe, Jr, 1999, about White River Water Carnival.
  22. Robert Ford, Jr., 1999, about White River Water Carnival.
  23. Patsy Craig, 1999, about White Rive Water Carnival.
  24. Jimmy Dan Sanders, 1999 about White River Water Carnival.
  25. Vaughn Wilson, 1989 about his life in Bethesda and honey business.
  26. Simon Adler Gill (1900-1980), 1975, about his life in Bethesda, Great Depression.
  27. Billie Churchill Jett about her fathers medical practice and other memories.
  28. Nell Rae Hickerson, 1989, about her life in Bethesda, church, WWII.
  29. Paul K. Calaway, 1990, about Bethesda history and his memories.
  30. Jewell Latham, 1989, about Bethesda history and Bethesda Church of Christ and Chinquapin school and its teachers.
  31. Stephen Adler Harmon, 1989, about his family history, shelling on White River, Bethesda history, African American families in Bethesda.
  32. Dr. Charles Taylor, 2001, about his life and work as a physician.
  33. Rachel Taylor, 2001, about her life and work as Dr. Taylors nurse and school nursing.
  34. Mertie Harris about her life as teacher, director of Guion Silica Mine.
  35. Hail Bryant about Huff, Salado, his life, stories he remembers, KKK.
  36. Dr. Myrlas Matthews, 2002, about his heritage, his life in WWII, and dentistry.
  37. July Nickles, 2002 about the killing of Robert Rushing in 1876 near Oil Trough.
  38. Margaret Matthews, 2002, about her life, Chubby Menards store and other businesses and baseball in Batesville.
  39. William B. Jett, 2002, on his medical life, Batesville physicians and his WWII experience on Iwo Jima.
  40. Be Pham, 2000, about his familys experience as refugees from Vietnam.
  41. Helen Waldrip, 2001) about her familys move from Lebanon to Nebraska, her U.S. Army Nurse experience during WWII, the Great Depression.
  42. Dr. Bob Slaughter, 2003, about his life and history of Batesville medical community from 1958 2003.
  43. Donnie Bryant, 2004, about his life, his heritage, WWII, Bryant Lumber.
  44. Jewell Bailey Wood, 2004, about her life as Fulton County nurse for 37 years.
  45. Dr. John Guenthner, 1992, about his medical life in Baxter County, AR.
  46. Jim Bechdoldt, 2006, about his childhood on Hutchinson Mountain, farm wagons.
  47. Lloyd Gathright, 2005, about his early life in Batesville and many memories in the 1920s, 1940s.
  48. Frankie Caldwell, 2005, about his life and work as a cabinetmaker.
  49. Robert Bo Riddle, 2004, about his life as a leather worker and boot maker.
  50. Henry and Carolyn Gipson, 2004, about Gipson family history and simple mountain life.
  51. Experiences of Company L, 153 Infantry, AR National Guard: Donald Hedden, Malcolm Moore, Sam McBride, Howard West, Ed Mosely, Hale Coop, Jerry Talburt.
  52. James Mitchum, 2000, about family life in the 1910s, sharecropping music.
  53. Jim Barnett, 2007, about his life, his heritage, Barnett Bros. Store history, memories of early Batesville.
  54. Interview of Bill Wolford by his daughter Kay Wolford Longenbach.
  55. More Oral History CD's click for information