Artifact of the Week — November 1, 2018

Posted by on November 2, 2018

This photo from 1904 depicts from left to right – George W. Aunspaugh, Pearl Lou Aunspaugh and doll, Rebecca H. Aunspaugh, Ada Aunspaugh and small doll, Sarah Aunspaugh, Morgan Aunspaugh holding a “crack shot 22”, and Moses M. Aunspaugh.  The family pictured are descendants of George Aunspaugh who came from Germany and served as a drummer during the Revolutionary War.  He settled in Pennsylvania and his son Benjamin moved to Arkansas on a keel boat.  Benjamin had a son named Moses who was born on the keelboat as they traveled to Arkansas.  The family arrived in what is now White County in December of 1833.  Many descendants of the Aunspaugh family are still living in White County and central Arkansas.    This image is part of the Street Collection at Old Independence Regional Museum.


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