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Twelve Counties in Old Independence

    Once, Arkansas was part of Missouri Territory. In 1815 most of north Arkansas became known as Lawrence County.

    Five years later, in 1820, Independence County was cut out of old Lawrence County. It was huge and included parts or all of 12 future counties. The White River watershed set the county's northern limits.

    As more settlers arrived over the next few decades, Independence County gave birth to other counties. When Izard County was created, it cut the size of Independence County almost in half. The following is a list of counties and the dates they became separated from the rest of the twelve.

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Independence 1820 
Izard 1825
Jackson 1829
Marion 1835
White 1835
Poinsett 1838
Fulton 1842
Woodruff 1862
Sharp 1868
Baxter 1873
Stone 1873
Cleburne 1883
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      Today, Independence County remains centrally-located, with its offspring counties all around. Once they were all connected, and now through the Old Independence Regional Museum their histories will be reconnected.


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