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Compact Disks

Family Tree Maker, Index and Volumes 1-47
Social Security Death Index 1937-1996
Family Archives Marriage Index
Family Archives Southern Genealogies 1600s-1800s Index
Family Archives Virginia Genealogist
Federal Census Index ( 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870
United States Census Index and Census Records 1880
Cleburne County Census, 1890s Personal Taxes, Marriages 1883-1914, Olmstead Funeral Records 1908-1999
Civil War Records
Independence County Chronicle Index through year 2000
Internet Web Sites Marked as Favorites: Bureau of Land Management for Land patents (can print out copy of original); U.S. Gen Web Project;          Cherokee Nation West Map
Independence County marriage Index, complete through 2006
Independence County Chronicle Index, complete through 2006
Kentucky Genealogies 1700s 1800s
Immigrants to the New World 1600s-1800s
Complete Book of Emigrants 1607-1776
Marriage Index AR, MO, MS, TX 1766-1981
Civil War Union Roll of Honor
Parks phots of schools and churchs
Arkansas Prior Birth Indes
Encounter at Crooked Creek
Charley Sandage: Arkansas Stories II
History of Marion County
First Encounter: Native Americans and Europeans in Mississippi Valley
U.S. Census Index for 1860
Arkansas and the4 Louisiana Purchase
Oaklawn Cemetery plats
Sanborn Maps of Arkansas
Obituaries from Batesville Guard newspaper
Independence County court records 1821-1839
Baxter County births, marriages, deaths index
Museum's photographs, digitized
Altom Family Tree
Ball, Meacham family photos
Family history: Allie Crouch HIx, Alice Lewis