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Government (ledgers owned by museum)

School register for Burgess School District 71, 1887-1912
Postmasters Account Book for Wrenton, AR, 1907-1909
Postal Money Order ledger, McHue, AR 1928-1966
Record Book of Complaints, Batesville Post Office, 1913-1926
Arkansas County Probate Record Book 1817 (fee book also, 1817-1839)
Sharp County AR Chattel Mortgage ledge for 1930s
Sharp County Treasurers School Record, 1943
Taxes on curbing, guttering, storm sewers in Batesville, 1923, lists owners and lots.
Burial Records for Oaklawn Cemetery, Batesville, 1874-1956
Desha School Records, District 67
Treasurers School Warrants Register, 1930s
Survey Index Book, 1870, parts of other counties included.
Tax valuation on lots in Batesville and field notes, 1920
Justice of Peace Entries for Pleasant Plains, 1937-1943