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Other Independence County Original Public Records

Voter Registration, 1873
Registration of Grist Mills, 1880 Marks and Brands, 1883
Claims against Deceased Estates, 1857-1874
Register of Warrants and Script Paid, 1837-1857
Batesville City Tax Book, 1844-1929
Register of School Warrants, 1899-1903
Record of Fees, Circuit Clerk, 1894-1905
Register of Prisoners Confined in Jail, 1880-1905
Clerks and Witnesses Docket for Circuit Court, 1861-1870
Official Bonds C, 1857-1883
Deed Book A, 1820
Record of Indentures Book B, 1901
Location of Mines, 1881-1889
Court Records, 1821-1851; 1873-1884
Circuit Court Records, 1875
Circuit Court Fee Book, 1837-1858
Circuit Court Docket, 1842, 1845-1855
Circuit Court/Civil Cases, Law Cases and Criminal Cases, fall term, 1895
Register of Treasury Warrants Redeemed, 1853-1856
County Warrants Issued, Book C, 1877-1886
County Warrants Issued, Book D, 1886-1892
Government Entry Book (Patents), no date
Register of Road Districts, Books A-C, 1875-1901
Roster of School Directors, Book B, 1886
Location of Mines, 1881-1889
Record of Voters (Poll Taxes), 1892-1898
Appointment of Deputy Clerks and Sheriffs, Book A, 1883-1934
Convict Warrant, Book A, 1915
Jury Book (list of jurors), 1886-1892
Justice of Peace Docket, 1871-1892