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Video Tapes

  1. Charles Woodson, shelling on Black River, 1994.
  2. Memories of the Masonic Home, pictures and interviews.
  3. Series of interviews: Grave Yard Hill in Huff, pacifist A.J. Cornerstone, John Harper, Chubby Menard, Edwin Williams, Bryant family, Bill Rutledge,.
  4. Interview with T.R. Moore of Huff.
  5. Views of Batesville Main Street and 13 stock car races.
  6. Interview of Twyla Wright on Channel 6 about future museum, 1993.
  7. Work on the National Guard building for museum, 1995, Boyd Moiser.
  8. Interview with Nancy Britton and Hail Bryant on Channel 6, opening of Maxfield safes, 1995.
  9. Interview with Bill Redmond about logging and one-man sawmill, 1994.
  10. Interview with Don and Jimmie Hankins and general store in Pelsor, AR.
  11. Interview with Jess Trotter, sawmiller and stave bolt manufacturer, 1995.
  12. Interview with Hugh Inman on farming - from mules to tractors, 1999.
  13. Interview with Denison and Tripp family, 1994, about discovery of manganese in Cushman and early mining, also includes cattle drive through Batesville.
  14. Interview of older National Guard members of Company L, 153 Infantry, 1996, about the history of the unit, filmed in front of the building.
  15. Interview with Kim Thi Tan about her family escaping Vietnam as boat people and their new life in Batesville.
  16. The Way It Was showing advertisements for Mt. View and Batesville and interviews on old time medicine, school, farming, cooking, gathering herbs.
  17. Interview with Bess Wolf, 1998 about her work as a Committee of 100 member in developing the Folk Center in Mt. View.
  18. Interview with Ben Earls, 2000, about his African American heritage and his life.
  19. Interview with Mrs. Ford and Mrs. Roberts about their lives in Arkansas.
  20. Interview, 2000, with Nancy Britton about her familys migration from Tennessee to Kansas and Arkansas.
  21. Batesville High School Class of 1949, produced in 2004.
  22. Shelling on the Black River.
  23. The Civil War in Independence County by Freeman Mobley.
  24. Growing up in Batesville, AR by Jim, Nelson and Charles Barnett, 1997.
  25. Through Darkened Eyues: A View of Black History I Independence County. AR, 1999, by Willene Harper.
  26. Mountain View Folk Festival, 1998.
  27. Home movies of 1948 White River Water Carnival parade in Batesville AR.
  28. Greenbrier archaeological dig, 1999.
  29. Maxfield family of Batesville AR museum program, 2000.
  30. Blanchard Springs Cavern explorations by Hail Bryant and Hugh Shell.
  31. Batesville: Many Moons Ago, by Hail Bryant.
  32. Song of Arkansas.
  33. Cherokee Indian method of slaughter and cooking hogs at Coe Farm, 2001.
  34. White Rive Dam, Downtown Batesville, Stock car racing.
  35. Press conference announcing formation of museum Board of Trustees, 1993
  36. Interview on Channel 6 of Twyla Wright about museum plans, 1993.
  37. Press conference about museum board and Twyla Wright speech at Rotary Club, 1994.
  38. Renovation of the Armory building, Rotary speech by Twyla Wright, 1994 party honoring donors to the capital development fund for the museum.
  39. Assorted views of the museum building under renovation construction and Community Service workers, 1995.
  40. Opening of the Maxfield safes, interview of Hail Bryant and Nancy Britton.
  41. Ken Spencer speech about work on the museum, 1995.
  42. Museum property deed transfer ceremony at Batesville City Hall, July 6, 1995, with Preston Grace, Sr. and Doyle Rogers and families, board president Twyla Wright.
  43. Museum construction, Oct. 1997. Downtown tour of courthouse, views of White River from bluffs near Calico Rock.
  44. Rededication of the Company L, National Guard cornerstone in the museum building, Nov. 16, 1997.
  45. Doyle Rogers and Preston Grace giving $120,000 to the museum in honor of their wives, Dec. 15, 1997.
  46. Southerland family presents $120,000 to fund the museum theater and gallery.
  47. Dr. George Lankford and Dr. David Sticklin training museum docents in Shawnee and Civil War history.
  48. A heritage play performed in the museum by Southside fifth grade students, 1999.
  49. Film about early regional history, showing the geography and historical relationship in the region. Script by Craig Ogilvie, 1998.
  50. Aerial film showing geography from Batesville to Harrisburg, AR.
  51. Aerial of Batesville and landing at Batesville Airport, Mt. View music, Norfork River, lake and dam.
  52. Aerial film up White River to Mt. View and the Folk Center to Greers Ferry Lake, Heber Springs and back to Batesville, 1995.
  53. Landscapes in Baxter and Stone counties. Includes Wolf House, Norfork River and bridges, swinging bridge at Allison AR, mountain music on town square in Mt. View.
  54. Twelve counties courthouses from ground level, plus towns and points of interest in the region, 1995.
  55. Pictorial history of Independence County, plus old photographs, narrated by Wilson Powell.
  56. Mammoth Spring, AR, restored train station, Fulton County.
  57. White River views near Penters Bluff, Jacksonport, Sugar Loaf Mountain, Garrott house in Batesville and Main Street.
  58. Grain elevator in Newport, Jackson County AR, covered bridge on Bryant Farms in Salado Creek, cattle, tree farming, preparing soil in Greenbrier bottoms.
  59. Hankins Store in Pelsor, AR, interview with Don and Jimmie Lee Hankins.
  60. Jess Trotter, sawmiller and stave bolt manufacturer, produced by Mobleys in 1995.
  61. Interview with Hugh Inman, 1999, farmer who started with horse and mule power.
  62. Interview with Denison and Tripp family about discovery of Manganese near Cushman AR and early mining.
  63. Manganese Mining Day Celebration in Cushman and square dancing, 1993.
  64. Interview of older Company L, 153 Infantry, Arkansas National Guard by Twyla Wright, 1996.
  65. Kim Thi Tran about her family escaping Vietnam as boat people and new life in Batesville.
  66. Native American food and medicine of North Arkansas, by Hail Bryant.
  67. American Indians before 1650 C.E. and food and medicine, by Hail Bryant.
  68. One Forest Many Uses, showing timber land owners managing their forest, 1997.
  69. Swearing in of elected Independence County officials by Judge John Norman Harkey, 1992.
  70. Lighting of the Independence County courthouse and Christmas parade, 1990.
  71. White Rive Firefighters Assoc, fire-fighting games at training center in Batesville, 1993.
  72. Civil War reenactment on Arkansas College (Lyon) campus.
  73. Operation Desert Storm rally in Batesville AR, 1991.
  74. Winter scenes around Batesville, 1993 94.
  75. Landscapes, courthouses and sites in 12-county region of White River watershed, 1999. Includes flyovers of 12 county seats and points of interests in the region.
  76. The Way It Was, showing ads for Mt. View and Batesville. A pictorial history of the Ozarks and interviews about living in the past.
  77. Portraits of Arkansas, made by Dept of Parks and Tourism in 2001 about Arkansans in many fields.
  78. A First Look: the White River in 1819, summarizes Henry Schoolcrafts journey down the river. Scenes are a fly-over of the river from Missouri to the AR delta.
  79. Nancy Britton talking to a history class, 2000, about her grandfathers trip from TN to KS and her mothers train trip in 1927 during the flood.
  80. Interview with John and Diana Dahlquist, 2000) about their heritage and move to Arkansas.
  81. Eight students in a Batesville history class performing a program Homeward Bound.
  82. The Forgotten Expedition, about the Louisiana Purchase and expedition of George Hunter and William Dunbar from the Ouachita River toward Little Rock.
  83. In Memoriam, about the aftermath of Sept. 11, 2001 attack in New York City.
  84. A Special Place: Hell on the Border, about Ft. Smith AR and Judge Parker.
  85. Encounter on Crooked Creek, about Robert Ben and trading encounter with Quatawapea, Shawnee chief in what is now Yellville.
  86. Documentary about the1815 U.S. land survey that began in a swamp in eastern AR.
  87. Half-Mile Cave (Blanchard Cavern) Exploration program at the museum, 2003.
  88. Strolling Back Through Time: A Look at Main Street Batesville, 2004, showing modern and historical photos of various businesses from 1820 to the present.
  89. Early Exploration of Half-Mile Cave, created for exhibit in the museum. (Plus a looped master of the film).
  90. Edge of Conflict tells the story of Arkansas in the Civil War.
  91. History of the Arkansas State Capitol.
  92. Burying the Past: Legacy of the Mountain Meadows Massacre.
  93. Barnett family films during 1930-1948, complete with narration.
  94. Wedding of Billie Churchill and Bill Jet, 1946, in Batesville AR.
  95. Museums wedding exhibit that accompanied a traveling exhibit, 2005.
  96. Rescue at Rowland Cave, 1965. Trapped spelunkers in a Stone County cave in high water resulted in one death.
  97. P.O.W. in AR during WWII, including plans to bring German and Italian prisoners of war to 3 camps in AR.
  98. A Brief Look at Batesville, 1995, filming downtown and outlying businesses.
  99. Rights and Responsibilities, The Little Rock Nine: Footsoldiers of Freedom, 2002. Created by 4 CA students about the Little Rock Central High School integration crisis.
  100. Bethesda AR Quilting Club, 1989, showing ladies quilting and being interviewed.